Open Rewrite Techology

Open Rewrite is created with an idea that certain knowledge providers have the best answer to user question, and that when searching for informations, users want to see that best answer whenever possible.

Open Rewrite esencially allows:

  • to generate rules for type of queries where the best answer is, i.e.
    cost of living in london → search for london
  • simple rules allows queries of the sertain type to be rewritten to other semantic web answering machines, i.e. "banja luka wiki" to be rewritten to
  • priorities for rules allows to determine if the query "facebook wiki" forwards to or
  • priorities for rules can be used to specify if more rules apply for a certain query, which rule will be applied
  • simple rules can be postfix or prefix rules, prefix rules are rules which starts with given keywords (i.e. "wiki", "weather in", and postfix rules are rules which ends with given keywords
  • mechanism to specify more complex rules (simple rules can be editten using simple properties file)
  • For certain websites, which are providing good asnwers to various queries, i.e. Quora, allow them to provide list of answers with simple AnswerMapFormat
  • When the best answer to the question is not known, forward to other search engine, i.e. Google

This project is available Open Source under BSD licence, See or download the source code - everyone is enable to contribute to the project

Open Rewrite Backend

  • Fast rule or answer lookup for a given query
  • Ability to define the rewrite rule using Java code
  • Uses Apache Cassandra for Aggregation of Answer Maps

Open Rewrite Frontend

  • Plugins for major browsers which allows users to access index of results (using other search engine) with the hotkey, and to modify the previous query with the hotkey
  • Hotkeys usually added : Ctrl-I to access the index for a previous query, and Ctrl-M to modify the previous query
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