Open Rewrite Privacy Policy does not log your query at hard drive or other similar storage (it might keep your query in RAM for an hour, after which period is discarded). might use cookies or other storage to store users settings.

To protect your privacy your IP address or your email address is not logged. Therefore, you are searching using OpenRewrite anonymously.

However, some of the website leads you might have their own privacy policies. doesn't provide any guarantees regarding the websites you do visit performing searches on this engine.

If you give us feedback, it may be stored in our email.

We may add an affiliate code to some eCommerce sites (e.g. Amazon & eBay) that results in small commissions being paid back to when you make purchases at those sites. We do not use any third parties to do the code insertion, and we do not work with any sites that share personally identifiable information (e.g. name, address, etc.) via their affiliate programs. This means that no information is shared from OpenRewrite to the sites, and the only information that is collected from this process is product information, which is not tied to any particular user and which we do not save or store on our end.


If this policy is substantively updated, we will update the text of this page by writing '(Updated)' in red next to the link to this page (in the footer of the website) for a period of at least 30 days.
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