Open Rewrite - Open AI Question-Answer Platform is an aggregator of knowledge and answers providers.

Open Rewrite is created with ideas that:

  • For a given type of query, there are websites providing the best answer,
    in example, if the query is prices in boston, the website provides the best result to this query.
  • when searching for informations, users want to see best answer whenever possible, rather than list of links to answers

Facts about

  • Finds the best answer to your query, direct.
  • Gets result faster than using standard search engines
  • Aims to reduce CO2 emission per search engine query
  • Aims to be the Fastest and Open Semantic Web Answer Machine
  • Open Source Project
  • Founded by former Google software engineer
  • Currently in alpha phase, running on 1 Virtual Server in Europe. When USA server is deployed, it will become at least 100ms faster in response for North America users

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